Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business

Get your organising business set up legally, financially, technically, and practically while learning to market yourself effectively!

What if you could cut out the mistakes & self-doubt and skip ahead six months?

We are currently fully booked!

We are currently fully booked!

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Does this sound like you?

  • You love decluttering and organising.
  • You want to make a real difference in people’s homes, lives and mental health.
  • You’re itching to ditch the 9-5 to become your own boss and live life on your terms!
  • You want to set up your organising business quickly and efficiently without wasting precious time or money.
  • You want expert mentoring and accountability from someone who has been there and done it and understands what makes a successful organising business!

If you’re nodding along to any of those statements, don’t miss this opportunity…

this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business 4 Week Course


I will teach you everything you need to know to set up your business avoiding common pitfalls! You’re entire business & website will be set up…

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business 1:1 Mentoring from Amy The Space Creator


You’ll have my dedicated support via Zoom for between 1.5 – 2 hours each week to complete tasks & discuss, plus email access!

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business Detailed Workbooks


You’ll receive an in-depth workbook with full instructions on doing everything we’ve discussed in the session! Plus, done-for-you templates.

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business Bonus Coaching Session & Discount on Instagram Course


1 hour coaching Zoom following completion, plus you’ll get £100 off Get Visible, Get Clients. + [PIF] Mindset Mastery for Business & Create Your Iconic Personal Brand both worth £97 each!

Starting your business is now easier than ever…

A void expensive mistakes & time-wasting research by enrolling in my 4-week live coaching program to get your business fully set up from start to finish. With done-for-you templates, including terms & conditions and 30 days of social media content, detailed instructions and 1:1 support, you’ll have everything you need to succeed, no matter your technical ability!

I have done all the research, made the mistakes, and tried and tested every option, so you don’t have to! Get ahead and walk away with a fully functioning business to start working with dream clients ASAP. Plus, no need to pay a web developer £1500+ for a website, it’s included within this course…

Don’t just take it from me; here’s some feedback from my mentees…

I’d like to thank Amy so much for all her help and support. I can categorically say what Amy helped with would have taken me months if not years to set up on my own.

Her step-by-step guides are fantastic reference points and are great for returning to when you forget how to do something.

I was in awe of her expertise in setting up a website. Her positivity and honesty enthused me and I can’t wait to get everything finalised and have my first client.

Fiona, Ae Fond Home

This course with Amy has been truly amazing! Exceeded my expectations! I’m pretty much set up as a business and excited to continue growing! You will learn everything you need to know, including logos, branding, social media, paperwork and invoicing, bank account, website, legal stuff and registering as a sole trader.

I couldn’t be happier with the services I received from Amy. It is tailored to you and your business needs! Thank you so much Amy. I am now confident that with your help, my professional organising business will thrive xxx

Amy, Sort With Snape

I recently completed the ‘Set-up & Start your Own Professional Organising Business’ course with Amy, and I can honestly say this has been such a valuable, insightful and educational course.

If you are looking to start your own organising business, this course is definitely the one to take. The content, one on one sessions and advice is amazing and exactly what you need to start your own business. But you also learn about the things that you didn’t know you needed to know!

Amy is lovely, extremely helpful, passionate, encouraging, genuine and shares her learnings so you can be one step ahead. I would not have had the confidence to continue on this journey had I not met Amy and taken her course.

I would highly recommend this course if you are considering starting your own organising business, it is worth every penny and then some!

Rakee, The Stylish Sorter

This course was exactly what I needed and it came at the right time! I felt very overwhelmed about starting my own business, but the recommendations, 1-2-1 conversations, and detailed course material have meant I have everything I need to begin.

Amy has a wonderful attitude, she’s patient, and has so much knowledge to give. I would recommend the course to anyone starting an organising business. Thank you, Amy, you’re the best!! xxx

Banait, Clutter Free With Bee

What To Expect:

  • A 1:1 weekly Zoom for four weeks will cover a different part of setting up your business, individually tailored to you with no one else to worry about. If there are any aspects that you have already ticked off, we can quickly check over them to make sure what you have done is correct, then focus on the next priority!


  • As soon as you purchase this program, you’ll gain access to the dedicated SYPOB portal. The introduction and week 1 content will be instantly available to you, including the workbook to download. This means if your keen to get going, you can get stuck in before we have our first Zoom! You’ll have time to read through and prepare. Note any questions and start thinking about the content to get your imagination flowing. You will have direct email access to me while learning to become a professional organiser during the four weeks.


  • All templates and following workbooks will be unlocked at the relevant week in the program to avoid overwhelm and distraction! The program is designed to run methodically. Don’t panic if you’re worried about falling behind; we will cover everything in the calls, and you’ll have your workbooks and portal access for life! Some things take time and can’t be rushed, but I’ll steer you away from that pesky perfection mentality if necessary.

“Starting a professional organising business was the best decision I could have made. It has changed my life…”

W hen I started my business, I didn’t mess about it because I suddenly quit a high-pressure, stressful job after being made redundant from my previous role during Covid. There wasn’t a comprehensive course covering everything I needed to know about becoming a successful organiser, so I made some costly mistakes and had some serious self-doubt.

I have designed this program to spare you from those same mistakes. It’s the program I was searching for and would have jumped on if I’d had the chance!

The feeling I get when I’ve helped a client who desperately needed me, seeing their face light up at the end of the session over their newfound space and order, is pure magic.

For some clients, time is scarce, and they need help getting on top of things. Others may have mental health concerns caused or exacerbated by clutter and chaos. After a decluttering journey with you, the difference in their mindset will be life-changing.

Professional organising is a genuinely enriching career. There is an opportunity to learn at every corner and meet fascinating people. No matter your client, you’ll find this business rewarding. And being your own boss? The best feeling ever.

The Schedule

You’ll learn the following:

  • We will talk about what a professional organiser does and the services that you could offer.
  • We will cover the whole process from initial client enquiry, conducting a consultation, starting & ending a session and after-session support.
  • We will review what you need in your kit and what you don’t! What to wear, uniform or not.
  • We will discuss how to manage specific challenges, tricky questions commonly asked by clients, different types of clients, and situations you could experience.
  • We will discuss you and your “why”, your skills, experiences and personality, and decide on your USP. What kind of clients would you like to work with, what target market, and what areas you’ll cover.
  • We will assemble your offerings, set your prices and create your packages.

This week includes:

  • 2-hour zoom
  • A Workbook
  • Checklist
You’ll learn the following:

  • Picking an individual business name, checking it’s not something in use already and registering as self-employed.
  • Registering and buying a domain name for the upcoming weeks.
  • Setting up a professional email account.
  • Initial set up of Social Media accounts (Instagram & Facebook page).
  • Professional insurance, registering with the ICO and DBS check.
  • Creating Terms & Conditions.
  • Setting up a business bank account and accounting software for invoicing.
  • Setting up calendar software for consultation bookings.

This week includes:

  • 1.5-hour Zoom
  • A Workbook
  • Terms & Conditions Template
  • Invoice Template
  • Booking Confirmation Template
  • Checklist
You’ll learn the following:

  • Building your business brand and identity with resources to choose colours, themes and fonts.
  • Marketing, where and how to gain the clients you want to work with.
  • How to plan and create engaging content and schedule your posts to eliminate stress!
  • How to write compelling Instagram captions with a list of CTA’s.
  • I will show you how to set up your Canva account to edit these post templates and create your content in the future.
  • We will complete the set-up of your social accounts and optimise your bio to increase searchability.
  • Set up Linktree for your link in the bio.
  • Set up Zoom for business and Calendly for consultations.

This week includes:

  • 1.5-Hour Zoom
  • A Workbook
  • 30 Customisable Instagram Post Templates
  • Checklist

You’ll learn the following:

  • We will start building your website! I recommend WordPress, which has the most functionality and is best for SEO & future expansion.
  • We will set up your Google My Business profile, which is imperative for attracting local clients.
  • Lastly, we will tie up loose ends and discuss any questions you may have.
  • By the end of the four weeks, you will have learned how to become a professional organiser with a fully-fledged business set up and ready to take on clients!

This week includes:

  • 1.5-Hour Zoom
  • A Workbook
  • Checklist

Depending on how you want to use the 1.5 hours, we can start to set your website up via shared screen. Many past students have chosen to do this to push them forward with less to do without my help! I can be in control from my side so that you can learn in real time whilst we physically build your website. This is invaluable, particularly if you’re a bit tech-adverse. Plus, save yourself £1500+ that you otherwise would have had to pay a website designer! 

So why is this program better than the other courses?

  • There isn’t much on the market for starting a professional organising business in the UK. Hence I carefully designed and created this program. There is NOTHING like this, trust me, I’ve checked!

  • Those available focus predominantly on how to organise. Yet you can find much of this for FREE on Instagram or Google. (The rest comes down to practice and experience).

  • Or, they focus on the basics of how to set up a business legally, but they don’t cover how to gain clients, how to set up a website, the backend systems needed or social media and how to create compelling content to sell your services!

  • This program is 1:1, so you will have my sole attention and focus for the entire period. You won’t have to wait for others like you would in a group course – as the others are. Setting up a business is complicated and doing this in a group setting just doesn’t work – in my opinion and experience.

  • During this program, we will start to build your website physically! If you were to pay a developer, you’re looking at a minimum of around £1500+ for a basic, uncomplicated website. This means a massive saving while learning valuable tech skills! Plus, you get to tell everyone you built your own website, that’s cool.

What’s included in Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business?

As soon as you enrol you’ll get lifetime access to all course content including the following:

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business 1:1 Zoom Meetings

Each week we’ll have a 90-minute – 2 hour Zoom call to go through the week’s material, you can pick my brains and ask me anything you want to know during that time, and we’ll put a plan in place for the week.

Value: £1000

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business Detailed Weekly Workbooks Packed With Information

Each week inside your dedicated portal a new workbook will be unlocked. These are packed with everything you’ll need to do—all the information and links you’ll need, along with detailed instructions with images.

Value: £560

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business Instagram Post Templates

-30 individual social media post templates
-Fully customizable to your branding
-Get set up and work on content ahead of time for less stress, more confidence and consistency with posting!

Value: £120

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business Templates & Video Tutorials

I have created several templates, including Terms & Conditions, invoices and booking confirmations to save you time and hassle! Alongside our weekly zooms, you can access a resources hub with mini-tech tutorial videos and other good stuff included…

Value: £297

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business Email Access & Private Coaching

Email access is included during the four weeks, so you don’t feel alone between sessions! 1 additional 1-hour coaching call to catch up after the four weeks have finished. We’ll have a review of everything you’ve set up. Tie up loose ends, and I will answer any questions!

Value: £291

Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business On-Brand Website Completed For You

I will complete your beautiful, on-brand website for you (for FREE) so that you don’t need to worry about learning everything you would need to build your site! You can concentrate on finding clients. With two rounds of edits, we’ll make sure your site looks fab!

Value: £1000+

This program IS right for you if…

  • You LOVE organising & decluttering.

  • You are passionate about helping people and want to make a difference in the world.

  • You have the burning desire to run your own business.

  • You want to get set up quickly and efficiently, avoiding costly mistakes and wasting time.

  • You want done-for-you templates that are super easy to customise to your branding.

  • You want 30-days of customisable social media templates to get a head start with Instagram.

  • You want the focus & accountability of 1:1 coaching from an expert.

  • You are willing to put in the work needed to succeed in setting up your business.

  • You want advice from a successful P.O and coach, who practices what she preaches!

  • You’re ready to quit the 9-5 and work on your terms!

This program is NOT right for you if…

  • You dislike organising and don’t want to become a professional organiser!

  • You just want to learn how to declutter and organise, not how to set up a business.

  • You already have an established professional organising business.

  • You enjoy working in a corporate role and don’t want to be self-employed.

  • You are unwilling to do the work needed to set up your business properly and complete the tasks.

  • You’re in no rush and would rather figure things out for yourself, no matter how long it takes.

  • You believe that success is down to luck rather than hard work.

  • You are under the impression that setting up a business from scratch requires £0 investment.

  • You don’t want expert advice and would rather make your own mistakes!

  • You are hoping for a “get rich quick” scheme.

So who am I to teach you?

I’m Amy Weeks, also known as “Amy The Space Creator” on Instagram, and in just under three years, I’ve built a successful and fully-booked professional organising business from scratch, with rave reviews. I’ve worked around the clock to grow and scale The Space Creator, bringing in additional services to help more clients and grow my social media to a community of over 22,000 rising daily, by creating compelling, engaging, educational content.

In the last year, after numerous help requests from other POs, I’ve created the Pro Organiser Academy, a one-stop-shop offering mentoring and courses to new and existing professional organisers to help them set up, gain more clients or scale by adding semi-passive additional income streams to their businesses.

Building a business is exciting and empowering, but it can be scary if you don’t know where to start. The rabbit holes are endless and at every turn! I’ve done all the hard work, research, trials and errors. I’ve invested time and a lot of money figuring out the best tools, platforms, strategies and so on so that you don’t have to.

I am dedicated to getting the people of the UK organised and nurturing other organisers to make this happen! Passing on my knowledge and skills by coaching and mentoring organisers is something I am passionate about, and, as you will have seen from previous clients and students, I go above and beyond at every level.

I really think you have a superpower in relation to coaching. This course far exceeded my expectations.”

– Karla | Klear My Space

Amy Weeks Pro Organiser Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay by any card, including American Express, Apple Pay or Link Express Pay.

Paying in full [PIF] is the best value because you’ll also receive lifetime access to our Mindset Mastery for Business masterclass worth £97 and Create Your Iconic Personal Brand masterclass also at £97!

If you can’t quite stretch right now, there is a payment plan option to split the cost across 2 months at no extra cost to you.

Please note, by law of the FSC the payment plan must be complete before we finish working together; for example, if you chose the 2 month plan today [19th January], we would need to delay the start to coincide with the course ending on or after the 19th of March. Or, we would need to spread out the sessions, or have your final catch-up 1 hour coaching call on or after the 19th March. 

Just click the option that works best for you in the checkout above. The following plan payments will automatically be taken one month after your first payment date, then again, for the months you opted for. Once complete, the payment will be cancelled automatically. If you have paid in full today, there will be no additional payments. 

As soon as your payment is confirmed you will be able to complete your registration and login to the portal. Once you’re in, you will have immediate access to the Week 1 content and workbook to download and print off!

I will email you personally within 48 hours (usually sooner) to arrange our first four Zoom meetings! I will send you four separate emails with each Zoom link including the week number in the subject to make them easy for you to find.

Due to the 1:1 nature, we can find a time to suit us both. If you are currently working full-time and genuinely have no time in the week, I’m happy to accommodate weekends subject to availability. If you’re concerned about timings, please email me before payment to check

The following coaching Zoom is booked towards the end of the four weeks, meaning you can choose the most beneficial time frame. The session must be booked within three months after the programme has ended.

Yes! The aim is for you to be fully set up and ready to go by the end of the last session; you never know you might even have your first client booked in before we finish – many previous students did!

Of course, you will have to put work into this, but I give you lots of templates that will save you so much time, and we physically set up many of the elements on our Zoom calls.

You will have detailed instructions or video links for any parts not done together, to do it yourself. Don’t forget you have email access too!

Due to the success of my previous students and the fantastic feedback received, this program will be ongoing for the foreseeable.

As the program is 1:1 and there are only so many hours a week, I can accommodate a maximum of 2 spaces per month. This means spaces tend to get booked quickly, and in advance, so please ensure you are on the waitlist.

If you don’t want to officially start your business, in terms of client work for another couple of months, e.g. after kids’ holidays. Don’t be put off because we can get everything to the point where you’re ready to hit “go”.

It’s also worth noting that you can still start your social media and website before you’re ready to start taking on client work because social media can take a period of consistent posting to build momentum. The same goes for a website; Google needs up to 12 weeks to “crawl” your site and index it (basically, putting it on the map, as to speak).

This is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question. It depends on many elements, including your full-time salary expectations and how much time you dedicate to marketing and gaining new clients.

I had no choice but to do this quickly, so I won’t lie, I worked my butt off and was earning double my previous salary after just four months. However, if you are genuinely passionate about this, you will enjoy doing most of the backend work, so it feels less like work and more like fun!

One thing to note is that the day rate for a professional organiser is higher than many standard employed jobs, so it’s likely that you’ll be earning more in fewer days than in your current position. Though that depends on what your current profession is! And don’t forget you’ll have expenses you wouldn’t have to pay for in an employed job, which is factored into your daily rate.

Professional organising is still a fairly new concept in the UK, but it is getting much more coverage and becoming increasingly popular due to programs such as BBC 1’s Sort Your Life Out, The Home Edit and Marie Kondo on Netflix. This means that more people are becoming aware of the help available and are looking to hire an organiser close to them. This is why NOW is a great time to start your business, and I can help you get set up quickly and efficiently with this programme!

Of course, I can’t predict the future, but we will set up business marketing tools throughout the 4-weeks, including Facebook pages and social media, which means you could start getting clients during the program!

Some of my previous students had received client enquiries by the end of week 2, and others had clients booked in and completing sessions before the end of week 4, which is fantastic!

How soon and how many enquiries and clients ultimately depends on how much work you do to put yourself out there.

There will not be any additional costs to me. However, for the systems and accounts you need to set up for the ongoing running of your business, there will be costs involved. Sadly all businesses have running costs!

Some examples are accounting software, business banking, DBS checks, website hosting and graphic design programs for content creation.

It is not compulsory to go with my recommendations; if you have another free alternative, I won’t stop you. However, I will only recommend things that make you and your brand look professional and attractive to clients. Often doing a “bodge job” will cost you because potential clients will choose to work with someone else.

After lots of trial and error, I have nailed the best and most cost-effective systems/accounts, and these are the ones I’ll be teaching you to set up! Some things have free trials, too, so you may not need to pay straight away for some.

Happily, many things you’ll need to start with are free, so it’s not all doom and gloom. But as expected, starting any business involves outgoings and start-up costs.

Professional organising is one of the lowest cost businesses to start up.

One of the best things about this course is getting your website set up yourself, with my hands-on help, because hiring a good web designer will set you back an absolute minimum of £1000-£2000+ for a basic website, so you’ll be saving a huge amount and still coming away with a professional website that’s SEO-friendly!

I do not offer discounts for this program because it is fairly priced and of great value.

Remember, this is not an online course, you will receive 1:1 coaching and mentoring from me, and we are physically setting you up a business to make you money! It’s not like I’m teaching you how to organise, for which the return on investment will be zero.

You are paying for an enormous amount of information, material and done-for-you templates, all of which have taken me months to put together and create: my experience and expertise, 2 hours of my time each week, plus email access.

To put this in perspective, my 1-hour business strategy & productivity sessions are priced at £97.

I’ve invested thousands of pounds and hours into coaching programs, mindset research, the power of thought and visualisation and how we talk to ourselves. Business operations, logistics and legalities, as well as how to organise & declutter homes effectively!

I wouldn’t devalue myself by offering discounts.

P.S. Studies have shown that the bigger the investment, the more effort people put into it. So if Set-Up & Start Your Professional Organising Business is a big investment for you, it’s a sure sign you’ll put the work in!

Stop dreaming about it and start because there has never been a better time than now to start in this industry!

I’m ready to change my life!

Here’s some more feedback so that you’re sure…

This is such a comprehensive course covering so many aspects of setting up a business from scratch.

The support and guidance Amy has given me over the last 4 weeks have given me so much confidence in my ability to start my new business and changed it from simply an idea to a reality. Thanks Amy!

Vanessa, Less Is More Decluttering

Amy’s “Set up & Start Your Professional Organising Business” course is incredible! In just four weeks, Amy walks you through everything you need to know about starting your own business. With personalized 1:1 Zoom sessions and easy-to-follow workbooks, even beginners like me can grasp the concepts.

Amy’s courses ( I went on to do the Instagram one too) are well worth the investment. Not only does she provide clear and thorough information, but her friendly approach and quick responses to questions make the learning experience enjoyable. Her patience and encouragement kept me motivated throughout the process. I’m so grateful for her support. With her help, what seemed daunting became manageable, and I’m now excited to see my business dreams come to life. If you’re thinking of starting your own Professional Organiser business, Amy is the mentor for you.

Jennifer, A Good Moment Company

This program was incredible at giving me the motivation and information I needed to take the step into the world of professional organising, which I have been debating about for years!

The workbooks are exceptionally clear and extremely helpful with links and advice.

Amy is an amazing coach willing to help you with anything and adapt each session according to your personal needs. I can’t recommend this program enough!

Michaela, Simple Tidy Home

Amy is fantastic, a great motivator with her “can do anything” attitude, her weekly sessions and workbooks give you so much information, she really has done all the hard work for you; not only do I feel I can go out and do this now but have gained so many other valuable skills including IT and design.

I cannot thank Amy enough for the patience she has shown throughout. I can highly recommend working with Amy.

Jo, Organised By Jo