Great news, you no longer need to hire a graphic designer…

The infamous graphic design tool, Canva, is the secret to high-quality content, business and marketing material for Muggles! You no longer need to add costly graphic design expenses to run a professional-looking business.

I’ve created this 1-hour FREE Canva training, giving you my pro tips and showing you how to use all the great features that make content creation a breeze!

Plus a few bonuses…

I have grown The Space Creator Instagram account from Zero to over 22,500 followers in less than three years by creating high-quality content that attracts my ideal client and posting consistently. So I’ll be sharing some of my secrets with you so that you can gain traction across social media!

  • You will learn how to use Canva effectively for branding, content creation & marketing materials.

  • Understand the cool features for on-brand, professional looking work, including background removal and other fancy tools!

  • An overview of how to create a high-performing Instagram post, covering all the different elements, with an introduction into compelling captions, CTA’s, Hooks and Hashtags.

  • How to create additional income streams for your business by understanding how to use Canva! The world is literally your oyster.

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Get Visible, Get Clients Starts on Friday 8th March 2024! Doors Close To Enrolment In:


ome people are great employees and thrive as one, but I am not cut out for employed life, and I’ve always wanted my own business. When, after about ten years of dreaming of doing exactly what I do now – seriously. I stumbled across the professional organising industry, and that was it. I was off on a research rabbit hole!

I’m not one to muddle along and hope for the best. My success is nothing short of relentless hard work, absolute determination to succeed and a belief as strong as a firefighters fanny!

However, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now so quickly had it not been for Instagram…

The opportunities for me after three years in business are incredible. I’ve been able to partly pivot away from in-home client work to virtual declutter coaching since having my daughter. And I’ve also jumped head first into course creation and business mentoring, both of which I’ve wanted to do for a long time and have had the most incredible feedback!

Semi-passive and passive income are now integrated into my business strategy and revenue streams having learned and leveraged the power of digital products and scaling into the online world.

I’ve even been approached by brands for paid collaborations to write blog articles and create Instagram content, and most excitingly, by a top London literary agent to write a book! (I KNOW RIGHT?!) Watch this space…

When I updated my client Google sheets document, I’ve discovered that a whopping 43% of my clients have found me through Instagram – a huge percentage, and to think some people pay Google Ads or PR firms thousands of pounds a month!

Instagram is a free platform you can take full advantage of if you know how to leverage it correctly, and that is precisely what I will teach you in this programme…

Time is Ticking & Spaces Are Limited

Stop and imagine this…

  • You’re creating engaging content that attracts your ideal client and target audience.

  • You’re batch-creating content and scheduling it in advance to save time, avoid overwhelm and prevent the anxiety of having nothing to post.

  • You have a complete content strategy for consistent posting to start building a targeted, engaged audience of people ready to buy into your services.

  • You have a unique sales process that makes it easy to convert your followers into paying clients, to provide them with a fantastic service, without feeling like your “selling”.

  • You’re an expert at lead generation. Tracking them and turning those leads into discovery calls and converting them into paying clients.

  • You are confident at story-telling and talking on IG stories for the “know, like, trust” factor that leads to sales and you’re starting to build brand awareness.