If you don’t have an email list, you might be wondering why this matters, and it’s not vanity metrics. More subscribers = more money, mostly…

Growth: How I quickly gained 1200 email subscribers

In the online business world and one that as a professional organiser, you may be looking to get into for a bit more time freedom, one of the most coveted metrics is the number of email subscribers. In this post, I’m letting you in on the secrets to how I managed to supercharge my email list by an impressive 1220+ subscribers in less than a month.

Emails convert more sales than social media

If you do it right! By law of averages more subscribers equates to more money. Of course there are lots of variables and sometimes if you have a good quality, aligned list the conversion rate is way higher. Time for some maths. If we go with the averages sales conversion rate of 2% and you’re selling a digital product for £50 with 100 people on your new email list, on average you’ll make £100. What if you had 1000 people on your list? Well, you’ve just made £1000 from a £50 product. Imagine if you had 10,000 people on your list and you sent out a few emails promoting your new product. In the space of a week you could be rolling in the cheddar! How does £10,000 sound?

If you’re anything like I was at the beginning you might have switched off at those big figures, subconsciously thinking, well that’s out of the question for me, how am I going to get a thousand subscribers on my email list (that I don’t even have yet) let alone 10,000? The good news is that with the right information it’s very simple and if you want it, I can let you in on the secret in my new course, The Key To List Building Success, but first let me tell you how I ramped up my email list by 1200 subscribers in under a month…

How I added 1200 subscribers to my email list - Pro Organiser Academy

A Well Planned Challenge Freebie…

The 30-Day Declutter Challenge! It was so popular even with a only a handful of mentions on Instagram Stories, a few relevant CTAs and strategic Instagram Reels, a whopping 1220 people signed up to the challenge and over 500 joined my Facebook community group. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of work went into making it really great value for everyone, with more substance than hosting it on Instagram (which I’ve done in the past and what most professional organisers seem to do). Having hosted the challenge twice before in previous years, with nowhere near the volume of people taking part; it goes to show how important it is to keep learning in business and how much I’ve learned over the last year alone. My constant bleating on about “learning more to earn more” is proven once again.

Following the challenge, over a dozen new people who weren’t following me on socials before the challenge joined my membership, which was a great and intentional reward for the effort. It’s always a good business move to use a freebie as a lead magnet to a new product or service to inform and warm up your audience; especially if you’re putting a lot of time and effort into producing the freebie! If you want to know how to pull off something like this without the mistakes and guesswork, I will walk you through the exact steps to take in The Key to List-Building Success.

Had I not used email marketing and relied on social media, more than 70% of those who joined wouldn’t have signed up. Instagram is great and in my opinion, essential for getting in front of your target market, but without the big guns of email marketing you’ll fail or at least struggle to make up the revenue.

If you’ve made it this far, I’ll let you in on a secret; an important piece of advice that I tell every one of my mentees and something I wish I’d known when I first started my business is this. Start building your email list as soon as you start your social accounts! My email list would be 10x as big as it is now if I had and even bigger if I’d of taken it seriously when I did eventually start.

If you’re uncertain about how to kick off your email marketing journey, feeling confused about integrating it into your business strategy, or simply eager to set the right tone for your email marketing efforts, then The Key To List-Building Success is for you, join the waitlist here.

How to set-up an email marketing Platform

It’s a minefield out there. I have done tonnes of research on lots of different platforms, there are loads and they all cater for different types and sizes of businesses. Spoiler: Some cost mega bucks!

A common go-to for small businesses is Mailchimp, I used this when I first set-up The Space Creator and while it was free for the basic platform and had most of the features I was looking for, I didn’t love it. Fast forward, I now use what I think is the, creme de la creme of email marketing platforms for professional organisers and service-based business providers. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, super smart and all the features you could ever need to built your list and increase revenue. Even better, when you sign up using my unique referral link here, you’ll receive 50% off for an entire year.

In the world of professional organising, the key to long-term success lies in your ability to connect with your clients on a personal level. An email list is not just a tool; it’s a lifeline for your business, offering security, connection, and endless potential. If you love organising but want to scale your business with digital products to achieve a better work life balance with less trading your time for money, then an email list and subscribers is imperative.

So, lovely lady, take the plunge, invest in your business, and embrace the transformation that awaits. Your journey to building a thriving email list starts here – let’s make it extraordinary together! Click here to discover the details of The Key To List-Building Success and get ready for a new chapter of success in your professional organising journey.

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See you soon,

Amy x

About the Author: Amy Weeks

Amy Weeks is a professional organiser, business mentor and the founder of Pro Organiser Academy & The Space Creator.

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