The constant pressure to create and share content can lead to serious stress and ultimately, burnout

This is why you need to start scheduling your instagram content

In the super fast world of social media, where every second counts, staying ahead of the game is crucial. If you’re planning to use Instagram as part of your marketing plan, you’ve got to take it seriously, and one key strategy can make a significant difference in your Instagram game – scheduling your content. In this blog post, I’ll run through some of the reasons why you should investigate the power of planning and start scheduling your Instagram content.

This is why you need to start scheduling your instagram content Pro Organiser Academy

1. More Consistency

Building a strong online presence requires consistency. Scheduling your Instagram content allows you to maintain a regular posting schedule, keeping your audience engaged and anticipating your next post. Consistency not only helps you stay in the minds of your followers but also boosts the algorithm’s favourability towards your account. No more forgetting to post or stressing out trying to cobble some random old crap together at the last minute (only for it to tank). Scheduled content runs in the background while you get on with your life! The good news is that it’s really simple and not a gigantic task like everyone thinks when we hear “batch-create”. In Get Visible, Get Clients, I show you the ropes!

2. Efficiency & Reduced Screen Time

In a world where time is money, manually posting content every day can be a drain on your resources. Scheduling tools like Meta Business Suite are FREE and enable you to plan and organise your content well in advance. Spend a dedicated block of time creating and scheduling your posts, like a day a month or a few hours every Monday, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business or personal life. I promise that creating content in one block takes wayyyy less time than filming and editing or creating a graphic in Canva, then writing your caption, adding hashtags, optimising and posting every single day! Also, you’ll have less screen time which is a bonus for that all-important mental health…

3. Reduced Stress & Burnout

The constant pressure to create and share content can lead to serious stress and burnout. Creating and posting daily? I still sometimes do it, but it’s a definite no from me on the stress Richter scale! Scheduling your Instagram posts alleviates this stress by providing a structured and organised approach to content creation. Knowing that your content is planned and ready to go allows you to take breaks without sacrificing your online presence.

The feeling of receiving a notification of a post going live while having a relaxing bath is pure GOLD.

Scheduling your Instagram content is not just a time-saving tactic; it’s a powerful strategy to enhance your online presence, engage your audience, and achieve long-term success. By embracing the benefits of scheduling, you’ll find yourself with more time, increased efficiency, and a more engaged and satisfied audience. The feelings of having a notification of a post going live whilst your sat feeding your toddler dinner, having a relaxing bath or working on an important sales campaign is pure GOLD! (But mostly relief and gratitude to your past self) If you’re wondering how on earth to navigate the world of Instagram for business and scheduling, get on the waitlist for Get Visible, Get Clients to glean my expertise. I’ve grown @amythespacecreator to a highly engaged community of over 22,000 and it wasn’t by chance. I’ll spill the beans inside the course.

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About the Author: Amy Weeks

Amy Weeks is a professional organiser, business mentor and the founder of Pro Organiser Academy & The Space Creator.

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