Elevating your Instagram game requires a strategic approach, consistency and a commitment to creating content that resonates with your audience

Unravelling the mystery: why your instagram posts are tanking

In the visually captivating world of Instagram, where eye-catching images and engaging content reign supreme, it can be disheartening to see your posts tank. If you find yourself wondering why your Instagram game isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be, fear not. In this post, I share some common pitfalls that might be sabotaging your posts’ performance and offer valuable insights to help you elevate your Instagram presence.

  1. Your Reels are boring

That sounds harsh, I know! I’m sorry but also not, because that got your attention and if you miss this, you would be sorry.

I scroll past so many reels in my feed after watching for a few seconds, even though I know it’s a before-and-after clip, so I kind of want to see the results. Why? Because they are too slow! I’m busy and I want to see the result quickly.

I rarely use Instagram to scroll, it’s more of a distraction when I’m procrastinating and this is the same for a lot of people, so you must get their attention from the off. Don’t be scared to speed up your reels and avoid having gaps or long pauses. The aim of the game is to encourage people to stay watching for longer, you want them to keep pressing “watch again”. The higher your watch time, the more the Instagram algorithm will show your posts to new people. If you’re confused, all is explained in detail in Get Visible, Get Clients.

Unravelling The Mystery: Why Your Instagram Posts Are Tanking Pro Organiser Academy

2. Overlooking Captivating Captions

Don’t underestimate the power of a compelling caption! Captions enable to you dig deeper, to expand on the video or carousel part of your post. Take the opportunity to tell a story, inform, teach and convince the reader. It all helps with that all-important time factor. What is the point in your post? What are you trying to get the viewer to do? A call to action is vital, otherwise, why are you bothering to post? It could be as simple as “save this reel for later” or my new favourite “comment XYZ for the direct link to XYZ” that one has created vast growth and revenue for me. Stuck for CTA ideas? Download our free list here.

3. Lack of Consistency

Urrgh I know, it sounds so dull and repetitive, but hear me out. You don’t need to post every single day and burn yourself out. It’s far better to post 3 quality pieces of content a week and keep it up. Planning will save you no end of stress. More than that, knowing what you’re trying to achieve! There is literally no point in posting on Instagram without an end goal.

You need to know who you’re trying to get in front of and create content that will resonate with them. Talk to your ideal client instead of trying to talk to everyone. Every possible piece of “How-To” content has been done. You need to think outside the box. Get Visible, Get Clients will give you clarity on your ideal client and teach you how to plan out your content for a month in advance to get you off that horrific hamster wheel.

4. Ignoring Hashtags

Hashtags are controversial. There is always new evidence for and against them, how many you should use, whether to stop using them altogether and which ones are new on the banned list; it’s exhausting, but my thoughts are to use them. I’ll be the first to admit that no matter how much I research my hashtags and check their performance in my insights, it’s often very random with so many variables.

The key point is not to rely on them but to use them strategically. The other aspects of your post need to be on point too. They must be relevant to your post! Yes, use industry-specific more general tags such as #professionalorganiser or #declutteryourhome but then think about what your post is about and choose a few that are niche to that. Don’t copy and paste the same set of hashtags for every post, because Instagram will think you’re a bot.

5. Neglecting Analytics

Instagram provides valuable insights into the performance of your posts through it’s isights feature and it’s free! It’s vital to review them regularly, ideally weekly to understand what works and what doesn’t. Pay attention to metrics like reach, engagement and follower growth. Then, use this data to refine your content strategy and adapt to the preferences of your audience, or concentrate on creating content that will attract the type of client you want to work for. In week four of Get Visible, Get Clients, I will walk you through exactly how to use Instagram Insights to up your game and save you from wasting your time! Knowledge is power, when you learn more, you can earn more…

6. Low Quality Content

For me, this is basic stuff, but if you’re just starting you may not know any of this. For reels and photos, think about the lighting, natural light is best. Use the optimal size, portrait is preferred over the old square size. Always use captions on reels and make sure they are not overlapping the out-of-bounds area, make sure your posts are accessible with enough contrast between text and background colour. Your post needs to be eye-catching and attractive, it must tell a story or provide valuable information.

Elevating your Instagram game requires a strategic approach, consistency and a commitment to creating content that resonates with your audience. If you’re ready to take it to the next level and skip the guesswork, I invite you to join the waitlist for the next live round of Get Visible, Get Clients, our all-encompassing Instagram course with me as your mentor. Gain insights, strategies and actionable tips to boost your visibility, engage your audience and turn followers into paying clients. Success on Instagram is a journey and this course is your roadmap to achieving it. Be patient, get creative and take the next step towards making Instagram a viable part of your marketing strategy by joining the waitlist here.

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About the Author: Amy Weeks

Amy Weeks is a professional organiser, business mentor and the founder of Pro Organiser Academy & The Space Creator.

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